Free Money, Lotto, Prizes, Cash, Contests & Sweepstakes
Free Money, Lotto, Prizes, Cash, Contests & Sweepstakes
Free Money, Lotto, Prizes, Cash, Contests & Sweepstakes Free Money, Lotto, Prizes, Cash, Contests & Sweepstakes

Free Money, Lotto, Prizes, Cash, Contests & Sweepstakes
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How to Win: Tips & Tricks to Become a Winner

First, follow the contest rules. Make sure that you are eligible to play. Some contests are valid for certain age groups (like kids only), or in only a few states. Read the rules!

Second, check how many times players can enter the contest. The contest or sweepstakes may require one entry per household, or one entry per person. Other contests allow you to enter once a day. Still others have no entry limits. You may be able to enter by mail, phone or online, but make sure not to enter more than once a day if the rules specify this.

Third, check the dates of the contest to see if it is still going on. It is often reported that players have a greater chance of winning contests that have a shorter length. For example, a contest spanning six weeks will attract fewer entrants than a contest spanning months.

Fourth, use the appropriate entry form, which is either an official entry blank (OEB) or a specially sized card or paper. Fill out the information neatly and accurately.

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How to Win FAQ

What are special tips for contests involving a talent?

Recipe contests or essay contests often have wonderful prizes and attract fewer entrants because many people do not take the time to enter, or feel they do not have the talents to win. Like other contests, follow the rules carefully. If it is a recipe, test it first. For an essay contest, follow the specified word count, and check spelling and grammar.

What special tips are there for winning mail-in contests?

If entries are unlimited, decide how many times to enter the contest. Each mail-in entry requires a postage stamp, so your budget will be a determining factor. Some contest winners decorate their envelopes to attract attention. Others leave them blank. Experiment and see what brings more prizes your way! Some contest winners spread out their entries over the life of a contest, and many send in multiple entries at a time (each in a separate envelope).

What special tips are there for winning contests in stores?

Fold your entry form! Crinkle it. Dog-ear the corner. Do anything to make your form bigger and bulkier than others in the box. Enter as often as allowed.

Are some contests easier to win?

Some contest winners say that they win more prizes when the contest requires writing something (like a UPC number) or finding an answer. Many people don't take time to enter these contests, so odds of winning are greater.

How can I find out about contests?

There are contest newsletters, as well as websites for sweepstakers. Visit big company websites and look for contests there. Check your local stores. You'll be surprised what you'll find.

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Do's and Don'ts for Sweepstakes

DO increase your chances of winning by entering daily sweepstakes every day.
DO only enter sweeps where you want the prize. Don't waste time.

DO find sweeps to enter with small prizes that you fancy - you will have more of a chance to win a little prize than the big bucks prize / million dollar sweepstakes that everyone and his brother have entered.

DON'T enter contests for which you are not eligible - read the rules!
DON'T give a fake e-mail address or snail mail address. They won't be able to contact you if you win. Plus, lots of prizes just arrive on your doorstep with no notice whatsoever.

DO get a new free e-mail address to keep track of your sweepstaking separate from your regular e-mail. is a good place to start for a free e-mail address.

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How To Win Contests

Based on information published in national magazines and papers, it is believed a minimum of somewhere near FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS is given away each year in PRIZE CONTESTS.

Is it any wonder that smart people, men and women of all ages in about every walk of life, are taking home these prizes? Some devote their full time to solving contests for money (or prizes), usually of extremely sizeable amounts and value. Refer to about every magazine you see, a large number of newspapers, about all TV and Radio stations - to name a few - plus some publications which are 100% CONTEST NEWS.

Many persons receive many times larger yearly total earnings devoting their full time or a generous part of their spare time to solving the CONTESTS which come to their attention. They do it year after year as their ONLY occupation. Others like to try their hand solving contests whenever they feel in the mood, but do no have any regular time schedule to tie them down.

An article in the Wall Street Journal stated that many spare time contest men and women receive over $600 year after year. One article I read states that someone they knew had earned in excess of $40,000 and had solved more than 2,000 contests for prizes. Another item I read says some other contest solver won over 80 different contests to receive over $25,000 within TWELVE MONTHS.

However, a study of winning CONTESTS proves for the most part that it is not based on luck. Therefore, it is wise to find out what the true fundamentals are before one starts. That way alone, it is possible for one to compete with the others working on the solution of the same contest.

You'll find the necessary (easy-to-understand and follow) instructions in this text.

A. Be sure that you carefully read the rules of each contest - and understand before you start - that these rules must be followed, in every particular, in order to win, or be one of the top winners. Almost half of all contests entries are thrown out, with hardly more than a single "glance" by the contest headquarters, for the sole reason, that the sender did not follow the clearly printed rules. It pays to be extremely careful when working on any contest. Check and recheck it with the rules before you mail it in.

B. Be sure your entry is as neatly presented as possible. This is extremely important. Whenever possible typewrite your entry, as this adds greatly to the neatness requirement. If you do not have a typewriter or a friend who would type it for you, and you are obliged to mail it in longhand, write neatly, and only with a pen and ink - never with a lead pencil.

C. Mail your entry in a suitable large sized envelope, even if you have to go to your nearest store to buy it.

D. If the contest requires a box top or label, coupon, etc., make sure that you do not forget to enclose it in the envelope. (You may be surprised to learn that many do forget - so their entry is discarded - even if in all other ways it is the best, qualifying for the top prize money.)
You'll find that your chances for winning are multiplied ten fold if you own or rent from a library the latest unabridged dictionary as well as a copy of a thesaurus.

Some of the winners of the larger contests are strong in their feeling that one should have a Rhyming Dictionary, an Almanac, Atlas, and one of the many editions of a Crossword Puzzle Dictionary. Most folks have a dictionary and encyclopedia. Both are needed to properly enter most contests. Time and time again, one or the other of the books will come up with the word or answer your seek to solve the contest.

However, for folks just starting, and with limited money to spend, you should confine yourself to the books named above that you may now have and buy the others as you win smaller contests and can afford to.

E. Visit your nearest (or best) public library and ask the clerk to help you locate their various books, magazines, etc., relating to contests. Make notes on the winners of contests - their style or entry - for your future thoughts and guidance. Jot down in a notebook the things you want to remember or refer to, or think you would be likely to want to consider at some future date. It will most likely prove priceless to you much more quickly than you think. It will help you to think of first prize winning steps to take, etc.

F. An ever-increasing number of larger firms feel contests help them put their items or offers in the right hands with the best results. They therefore often start a new contest almost as soon as their last one is completed. This is especially true in contests where a wrapper, label or box top, bottle cap, etc. is requested. This method is usually very successful in getting more people to try their product than any other form of advertising.

G. Above all else, make a point of having your entry worded as briefly as you can. Many contests even ask for an opinion within an specified number of words. In other words, the advertiser wants you to tell him briefly why you prefer his product to any other.

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Tips to help increase your chances of winning

Tip #1: Try to enter the daily entry sweepstakes every single day to increase your chances.
Tip #2: Follow all rules for eligibility and number of entries allowed, so you are not disqualified.
Tip #3: Try the contests of skill -- trivia, fantasy sports, games, recipes, etc. You will have a better chance since these contests don't get as many entrants as some of the big sweepstakes.
Tip #4: Get a new email address to use just for sweepstaking. You will be getting lots of newsletters, and maybe some junk mail when you enter sweeps, but you may also get notice of winning a prize which you must respond to! Try Yahoo or Hotmail for a free email address.
Tip #5: Be on the lookout for new sites offering prizes - they may have less entrants since not everyone is aware of the site yet - so you get a better chance to win!


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